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This specialty of Chiropractic is a unique system of approaching and fixing head trauma. The basic philosophy of Chiropractic says that when the bones become misaligned - or SUBLUXATED - the nerves running from the spinal cord out to the specific organs and muscles are crushed, bent, or otherwise compromised. Since all nerves originate in the brain, the top 4 bones in the neck, under the skull are crucially important to the function of the body. Upper Cervical Chiropractic focuses only on these top bones. By aligning them with each other, anything becomes possible.


Be patient and see how simple the process is. These two videos show and explain our method (in 3 1/2 minutes each).
There are several different Upper Cervical techniques and these videos are from two different named techniques
with the same ultimate purpose: TO GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!



By taking x-rays unique to each individual (determined from the specific angles measured on the view from the front , we can determine the bony alignment of the skull for that person. Then it's a simple matter of persistence and allowing the body to heal to reach ultimate correction. The whole process is one of realigning the spine, and it can take a while. A rough estimate is that for every year it's been misaligned the process of realigning and stabilization takes 1 month. Needless to say, correction after a fresh accident is a relatively minor-seeming operation. However, the longer the skull and top bones have been in the wrong position, the longer it will take to correct. However, few people have to go through the time and travail that either doctor in this office went through. It's important to keep the time line in perspective.

A specific type of Upper Cervical work is the Blair technique. That is what we practice. Unique among the various Upper Cervical techniques in that it does not assume that people are built symmetrically (like engineering diagrams); rather, we are built according to a pattern, but each of us is composed of unique elements and pieces, so we are a jumble of separate parts. From our work, we have found that everyone has slight, BUT IMPORTANT, differences in their brains and spinal columns. The Blair system is based on how individuals really are, not how they should be. We both have found this system to be particularly able to solve our individual problems (because neither of us are built from standard parts). 
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