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It's time you did something for yourself.
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Time to get what you want, to fully live your life. It's right out there waiting for you. It's time to reach out on your own and prove to your friends, family, and YOURSELF that you can do it -
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Chiropractic is resetting the nervous system.
    a brief presentation by Dan Murphy, DC

 The message begins in the brain. But from there, it does no good if the message stays there. It must travel through the nerves down in to the spinal cord. From there, it must get to the body or it does no good. Again, the message travels through individual nerves to the specific parts of the body it needs to talk to. In order to do this, it is vitally important that the message has an unobstructed path from the source to the point of action.

 That is where we come in. we make certain that the pathway from the skull to the spinal cord (through the first 4 bones, specifically) is unobstructed. By taking precision (pulsed fluoroscopy) x-rays, we can determine which bones are misaligned on the bones below them, squeezing or obstructing vital nerves which require a clear pathway to the body.

Once the message from the brain gets to the body, anything is possible!!!

    WE CAN HELP     

Talk to us, we can discuss travel, pricing or other options. There are some scholarships available. We want to help you, and we want to make this possible
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